Sauber late to pay their staff for the third consecutive month

All rights reserved to Sauber Motorsport AG.

All rights reserved to Sauber Motorsport AG.

It was announced late this week that the Sauber Formula 1 team has failed to pay its staff salaries on time for the third successive month.

Cashflow problems meant February and March salaries were paid around a week late. The situation has repeated itself for the month of April but Sauber hopes a solution will be found to ensure all employees are paid.

The team is pushing ahead with plans to compete in the Spanish Grand Prix, where it will run a new specification of the Ferrari engine.

Sauber have also confirmed that they will not take part in the in-season test in Barcelona which follows the race on Tuesday and Wednesday, because it has no new aero updates.

Marcus Ericsson said in Russia that he does not expect car developments for “another two or three races at least”.

With the team is struggling financially with team principal Monisha Kaltenborn working hard to find new sponsors to boost its budget. Technical director Mark Smith left the team on the eve of the season while head of track engineer Tim Malyon left after just over three months in the job.

It is clear that things at Sauber are not what they would like and all they can do is keep doing what they have do in order to survive and remain on the grid where they belong.


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