2016 Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying Review


But heading into Qualifying, it would seem that Mercedes and Ferrari are looking like the teams to beat heading into the session that look set to gain Pole Position ahead of the race on Sunday. But McLaren, Toro Rosso or Force India may spring a surprise and throw a spanner into the works based on their early pace and promise within the Practice sessions.

Let the battle for Pole Position begin…

Daniel Ricciardo claims Pole Position at the Monaco Grand Prix ahead of Nico Rosberg in second place and Lewis Hamilton in third place.

Daniel Ricciardo claims Pole Position at the Monaco Grand Prix ahead of Nico Rosberg in second place and Lewis Hamilton in third place.

After Q3, Daniel Ricciardo claims his maiden Pole Position of his career at the Monaco Grand Prix with a lap time of 1.13.622 ahead of Nico Rosberg in second place who was 0.169 seconds behind Ricciardo, Lewis Hamilton in third place who was 0.320 seconds behind Ricciardo.

Sebastian Vettel finished in fourth place 0.930 seconds behind, Nico Hulkenberg finished in fifth place 1.104 seconds behind, Carlos Sainz Jr finished in sixth place 1.127 seconds behind, Sergio Perez finished in seventh place 1.280 seconds behind, Daniil Kvyat finished in eighth place 1.651 seconds behind, Fernando Alonso finished in ninth place 1.741 seconds behind and Valtteri Bottas rounded off the top ten finishers of the session.

During Q1, Max Verstappen clipped the barrier on the entry to the second part of the Swimming Pool complex, breaking his right front steering arm and sending his car hard into the barriers on the exit. The error came on his first flying lap, with his previous attempt some eight seconds off the ultimate pace.  We also saw Felipe Nasr suffering an engine failure on his Sauber after leaving the pits on his outlap.

It would seem that Mercedes genuinely has the pace to challenge for the race win again this weekend despite their form in Qualifying. Both of the Mercedes drivers seem to have the cars underneath them to do this and have been consistent and fast throughout every session so far this weekend; even if Hamilton has a challenge on his hands to get a result this weekend.

You cannot discount Ricciardo, Hulkenberg or Sainz Jr even to be challenging also for the race win and could also be the dark horses to take the win away from Mercedes (and also Ferrari in Mercedes’ case) that could see gaining some points on their rivals to kick start their Constructors Championship.

Perez, Alonso and Raikkonen could also have a decent race and pick up some much needed points for their respective teams. Will it rain? I do not know. Who will win the Grand Prix on Sunday? I really don’t know.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow on the Monte Carlo circuit on race day on Sunday…


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