Williams announce Karun Chandhok as their heritage driver


It was announced by the Williams team this morning that Karun Chandhok will be their official heritage driver for the team’s Heritage division.

The ex-Formula 1 driver in his new role will test and undertake public demonstrations of Williams’ historic racing cars.

Along with testing, Chandhok will also act as a driver coach to the various customers of Williams Heritage who have purchased a running car. Upon the announcement this morning, Chandhok stated the following:-

‘Williams is such an iconic British team, steeped in racing history so it’s a real honour to be involved in its Heritage programme.

‘So many of the Williams Heritage cars are pieces of racing history with great stories to tell, so to be offered the chance to get up close and personal and drive them – sometimes being the first person to do so in decades – is an incredible opportunity.

‘I look forward to not only demonstrating the cars from time to time, but working with other Williams car owners to help them fully enjoy their experience of driving these pieces of F1 history.’

In his own statement to the media this morning, Williams Heritage Director Jonathan Williams is equally excited to have Chandhok in the heritage division. Williams stated the following:-

‘With a wealth of experience in a wide range of championships, including Formula One, GT, LMP1 and Formula E, Karun was the ideal candidate to be our Heritage driver. What’s more, he has a real passion for motorsport history and is a font of knowledge when it comes to Formula One.’

Chandhok will continue his Channel 4 pundit role and will make his first appearance as the Williams Heritage driver at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed between June 23 – 26. He is believed to be driving the 1983’s FW08C and 1990’s FW13B during this year’s annual event.


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