Pirelli reveals tyre selection for the Belgian and Japanese GP


Pirelli have revealed their compound choices for the races in Belgium and Japan later this season.

The Belgian Grand Prix will be the first after F1’s summer break on August 28 and will feature the medium, soft and super-soft compound tyre. The medium and soft tyre will be set aside for the race, with a set super-softs for those who make it through to Q3.

It means Pirelli will stick with the medium tyre which suffered two blowouts at lst year’s race, one of which prompted a furious post-race reaction from Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel after a failure through the notorious Eau Rouge corner. However, on this occasions teams will have the choice not to run the tyre during the race.

For Japan, Pirelli will take the hard, medium and soft, but Pirelli has set asaide two sets of hard tyres for the race — meaning drivers will have to use that compound in the race, rather than having a choice of two compounds. The soft tyre will be set aside for those who make it through to Q3.

The Japanese Grand Prix compounds have been released at the same time as Pirelli must release the information 15 weeks before an event held outside Europe, and nine weeks for an event in Europe. The teams have one week from today to confirm their selections for both races to the FIA.


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