Teams choose Ultra-soft Pirelli tyres for the Austrian GP


It was announced earlier this week that the Ultra-soft Pirelli tyres have dominated the tyre selections for the Austrian Grand Prix, with everyone except Haas taking at least seven sets to Spielberg.

The ultra-soft tyre has been on offer at three of the last four races, debuting in Monaco and then returning in Canada. It was not taken to Azerbaijan’s inaugural race due to a lack of data though some have since suggested that was a mistake at F1’s newest street circuit.

It returns for next weekend’s Austrian Grand Prix, where Pirelli is bringing the soft, super-soft and ultra-soft tyre. As per the regulations, teams and drivers get to select ten of the 13 sets on offer throughout a race weekend. The mandatory race compounds are soft and super-soft, one of which must be used during the race.

Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have differed slightly, with Hamilton taking one more soft and one less super-soft than his championship rival. However, Mercedes has previously done this so it can split the run plans of its drivers during Friday practice, where tyres are handed back to Pirelli after half an hour, to maximise data on each one.

After some extreme selections at the last few races, none particularly stand out, though Ferrari and Renault have gone the most radical by giving both its drivers nine sets of the purple-striped compound.

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