Sauber cancels Silverstone test


It was announced this morning by the Sauber team has decided not to take part in the upcoming Silverstone Formula 1 test next week.

Sauber have been struggling financially has not introduced any significant upgrades for its C35 car since the start of the season. The team was hoping to run an upgrades package between Canada and Britain, but that did not happen.

Now Sauber has announced that since its new aero package will not be ready in time for Silverstone, it will not take part in the post-British Grand Prix test that takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

In a statement on Twitter, the team announced the news as follows:-

“As we introduce the #C35 aero package at a later stage, testing in Silverstone is cancelled considering cost effectiveness,”

Sauber had already missed the previous in-season test at Barcelona. At the moment, Sauber is last in the standings, having yet to score a point.

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