Debris on track was the cause of Vettel’s accident at the Austrian GP


A Pirelli investigation into Sebastian Vettel’s tyre failure at the Austrian Grand Prix revealed debris was the most likely cause for the blowout.

Vettel suffered a right-rear blowout at 200 mph while leading the race, forcing him to retire on the spot. The super-soft tyre had completed 27 laps when it failed, but Pirelli’s investigation ruled out fatigue or structural failure as the cause.

In a statement to the media, Pirelli announced their findings from their investigation as follows:-

‘Analysis of the tyre issue that affected Sebastian Vettel at the recent Austrian Grand Prix has been concluded and the results shared with Ferrari.

‘The few remaining parts of the tyre in question, together with an in-depth comparison to other tyres used in the race, reveal no signs of fatigue or structural failure in the right-rear tyre itself. Consequently, the issue appears to be caused by an item of debris, which led to the breakage of the tyre.’

Vettel said there was no warning ahead of the failure.


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