Haryanto secures Manor seat for the rest of the season


It has been reported by Autosport this afternoon that Manor Racing driver Rio Haryanto has resolved doubts over his seat with the team and is set to complete the 2016 Formula 1 season with them.

Haryanto joined Manor at the start of the year, but with only enough funding in place to cover up to and including the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Haryanto’s manager Piers Hunnisett has been working hard behind the scenes to secure the amount required to see Haryanto through to the end of the year, which is close to being in place.

In a statement to Autosport this afternoon, Haryanto is happy with the way the situation is being handled and managed by his management and is focusing on doing the best job he can. Haryanto stated the following:-

‘At the moment I’m quite confident things are going to turn out well.  I’ve obviously been focusing a lot on doing the best job I can and getting the results I wanted, that I don’t get distracted by things going on behind me.

‘What happens now is all down to my management, and from what I’ve been told by my management, everything seems quite good. I just have to keep on pushing, to keep doing the best I can and get the best results for the team.’

Asked by Autosport  this afternoon whether Hunnisett had expressed confidence regarding a drive for the second half of the season, Haryanto replied:-

‘That’s what I’ve been told. I’m happy. I now just have to focus on my job, and that’s it.’

When Hunnisett was asked by Autosport with regard to Haryanto’s position, Hunnisett said the following:-

‘The situation has taken a positive turn over the last couple of weeks. There are just a few things that need finalising, but it is now looking good for Rio to continue with Manor for the rest of the season.’

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