Pirelli maps out their 2017 testing schedule


This morning Pirelli has revealed its testing schedule for its 2017 tyres, with Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes set to offer mule cars to help develop the new rubber.

With wider front and rear tyres will be introduced next year as Formula One pursues faster lap times under revamped technical regulations, Pirelli will conduct 24 days of testing over ten individual tests, with each of the three teams taking part in single-team tests before a final validation test in Abu Dhabi at the end of November.

Although the three teams will undoubtedly benefit from testing modified versions of their 2015 cars with the new tyres, they will also be obliged to share their data with the other teams not taking part. The first test will take place at the start of August at Ferrari’s Fiorano’s test track, which has sprinklers fitted to simulate wet weather conditions.

Three tests in the schedule will have 2016-size tyres featuring 2017 materials and structures will take place in July, with Mercedes kicking the schedule off at the upcoming in-season test at Silverstone using a 2014-spec car.

The Ferrari team will test intermediate and full wet tyres at Fiorano on July 16 before a further test with slicks at Vallelunga on July 18 and 19 with Red Bull. Pirelli’s testing agreement states a 2012-, 2013- or 2014-spec car must be used for the tests with 2016-size tyres.


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