Rosberg under investigation for radio messages


Shortly after the British GP today, Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg’s second place at the British Grand Prix is being investigated for a potential breach of F1’s radio regulations at Silverstone.

In the closing laps of the race, Rosberg reported gearbox problems to Mercedes, who gave him instructions including “avoid seventh gear” to help him get to the end of the race. F1’s radio rules state drivers are only allowed to receive instructions for safety reasons or when a car failure is imminent.

The Mercedes-Rosberg communication went as follows:

Rosberg: “Gearbox problem!”

Mercedes: “Affirm. Chassis default zero one”

Mercedes: “Avoid seventh gear, Nico”.

Rosberg: “Well what does that mean? I have to shift through it?”

Mercedes: Affirm, Nico, Affirm. You have to shift through it.

Ahead of this weekend, the FIA told teams that it would be getting stricter on the radio rules, with any potential breaches being reported to the stewards. With Rosberg having a meeting with the stewards at 4pm today, only time will tell what will happen to him but it is not looking good for the German driver.


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