Vettel not happy with penalty points after the British GP


In an interview with the media after the British GP, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel disagrees with his penalty for forcing Felipe Massa of the track.

Vettel believes that he should have gone unpunished as he did not intend to force the Williams wide while overtaking it at Village during the race. Vettel said the following about the subject to the media:-

‘I don’t think it was necessary. It’s not like I was purposefully trying to squeeze him out. I was going out of the track myself. I just didn’t have any grip. Every time I wanted to keep turning in I just lost the rear, lost the rear, lost the rear.”

‘Obviously for him it’s bad because I don’t know if he had as little grip at that point as I had. For him it looks like I’m just forcing him off the track but I couldn’t go anywhere else. If I was picking that line on my own why do I go off-track?’

The stewards gave Vettel a five-second time penalty and two penalty points on his licence – the only two he has so far.

But today in the race, Vettel could only finished ninth after starting eleventh. He made an early change to slick tyres but lost time with a spin. Further on in his interview with the media, Vettel believes the call to come in was correct by the team and feels it wasn’t his day. Vettel added the following:-

“I think the call to come in was right but then obviously I lost a lot of time when I spun. So all the advantage was lost again and from then it was quite difficult to pass and move ahead. So I think overall not our day, not quick enough, simple as that.’


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