F1 makes tweaks to wet Safety Car Starts


It was announced by F1 Strategy Group this afternoon that a rethink of F1’s start procedures to ensure wet conditions may notlead to races starting behind the Safety Car.

After a downpour ahead of the start of the British Grand Prix, several drivers complained about the decision from Race Control to start the race behind the Safety Car rather than allow a standing start from the grid. For the future, a compromise has been found whereby cars will complete laps behind the Safety Car to help the track dry before starting the race from the grid to provide the excitement of a standing start.

The decision was made at a meeting of F1’s Strategy Group on Thursday alongside an agreement to prevent teams working on cars under red flag periods in races. Under the current regulations the teams are allowed to make changes to cars, including tyre changes, when they are brought to a halt in the pit lane under a red flag, but in the future no work will be allowed to be conducted on cars.

The changes still need to be approved by the F1 Commission and rubber-stamped by the World Motor Sport Council, but FIA race director Charlie Whiting is confident they will get approval for next year.


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