FIA to investigate headrest failure after Magnussen’s crash at Belgium


The FIA confirmed yesterday that they will be conducting an investigation into how Kevin Magnussen’s headrest detached after his crash at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Magnussen lost control of his Renault on the exit kerb of Raidillon, hitting the barriers at around 180mph causing the race to be red-flagged. He was conscious and walked away from the wreckage but did suffer a small cut to his left ankle overall, however, the car did its job to protect the driver.

Although shaken by the incident, Magnussen is optimistic he will recover in time to race at this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix.

Replays of the accident showed the headrest flying out of the car after the first impact, it is understood the crash was recorded at 42g. The headrest was recovered by marshals and along with Magnussen’s helmet, has been handed to the governing body for further research into what actually happened

The headrest device is designed to support a driver’s head and neck during a high-speed crash, with two quick release mechanisms which are easily removed without tools.

The FIA will be looking to see if this unusual incident can be prevented in the future during its ongoing task to improve the safety in the sport while also protecting the drivers as best as they possibly can.


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