Pirelli reveal tyre selections for the Singapore GP


It was announced yesterday afternoon by Pirelli that Mercedes and Ferrari have chosen two very different sets of tyre allocations to attack next weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix.

The ultra-soft, super-soft and soft compound tyres will be available to the drivers in Singapore and it will be mandatory for drivers to use either the super-soft or the soft at some point during the race. At the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix most drivers opted for a two-stop strategy using the super-softs and softs (the only compounds available that year), but the addition of the ultra-soft tyre this year could create a three-stop option.

The 2015 Singapore Grand Prix was also memorable as the one race where Mercedes struggled to get its tyres working and finished as the third best team to Ferrari and Red Bull. For this year’s race, Ferrari appears to have gone aggressive with nine sets of the ultra-softs compared to Mercedes’ and Red Bull’s seven.

Haas, which has a technical partnership with Ferrari, is the only team to match Maranello’s stock of ultra-softs, while Force India and Manor have opted to stock up on the other two compounds with just six sets of ultra-softs for each of the two teams’ two drivers.

Here’s the tyre selections that each team has requested for the Singapore GP as follows:-



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