Perez under investigation by the stewards

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Singapore Grand Prix - Preparation Day - Singapore, Singapore

In an interview with the media shortly after qualifying for the Singapore GP, Force India driver Sergio Perez is not concerned about being under investigation for failing to slow for double waved yellow flags during Q2.

In his interview with the media, Perez said data from his laps in Q2 will prove he slowed down sufficiently despite overtaking Esteban Gutierrez at one point. Perez said the following:-

‘It was a very tricky session with everything. I had three yellow flags on my lap so I was lifting a lot, I lost around six-tenths with yellow flags. And at the end with Esteban he was just very slow so I just managed to keep the line and he obviously was on a very slow lap so he opened up the racing line. Obviously on that certain occasion I lost four-tenths because I had to lift. So I think we have all the data that backs me up so there’s no issue at all.’

in the latter stages of his interview, Perez fully expects the stewards will clear him and added the following:-

‘At the end of the day you have the telemetry that the stewards will check and I have no problem.’

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