Vettel: Front row start was possible

Sebastian Vettel

In an interview with the media shortly after qualifying for the Singapore GP, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel believes that he had the pace to qualify on the front row on the grid today.

Vettel will start the race from last place after suffering a suspension failure during Q1 that meant he was unable to set a competitive time. Although teammate Kimi Raikkonen, who had been quicker than Vettel all weekend, qualified in fifth, Vettel has stated that the top two spots were possible as follows:-

‘It’s a big shame. I think the car was good enough to put it on the first row. It was quite obvious to see that going around on three wheels doesn’t really work.’

Further on in his interview today, Vettel said he completed two laps with the broken anti-roll bar as he had no time to fix. Vettel added the following:-

‘There was no time to fix it. I wanted to come in but we decided to stay out and then we came in because it was just hopeless. There was no time to fix the problem.’

In the latter stages of his interview today, Vettel insists he could still secure a positive result tomorrow thanks to the safety car, a common feature in the Singapore Grand Prix. Vettel said the following:-

‘We have a lot of tyres, so that’s an advantage. It’s bad to start from the back. Nevertheless, with the safety car and so on you can always come back.’


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