FIA believe Sepang track issues have been fixed


On Thursday afternoon, the Malaysian Grand Prix bosses have “taken every reasonable precaution” ahead of Formula 1’s return after a MotoGP test was marred by problems from resurfacing, says the FIA.

Sepang was completely resurfaced earlier this year and the World Superbike Championship raced at the venue straight after without drama. But a Michelin MotoGP tyre test in early July encountered problems with the track drying and then water seeping back through the surface.

After an investigation by circuit bosses, measures were put in place ahead of next weekend’s F1 race.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting is believed to be happy with the action taken having visited the venue on Wednesday. An FIA spokesman told Autosport on Thursday the following:-

‘There seems to be little or no problem. From what we gather, it takes a little longer to dry out. Extra drainage slots have been cut so I don’t think we’re going to be in trouble. The Malaysians have taken every reasonable precaution.’

In his own interview to the media on Thursday afternoon, Williams performance chief Rob Smedley said that as is the case after any resurfacing, Friday will be key to get a baseline and track evolution will be high as the weekend progresses. Smedley stated the following:-

‘What we do have to do is we have to get ourselves ready for the evolution of the track, because it will evolve a lot once you put Formula 1 cars on the track. The normal loads they put onto the asphalt, you get quite a bit of evolution over the three days. What you find on Friday is very rarely what you’ll find on Sunday.

‘The main thing is not to obsess too much over second guessing what it’s going to be like on the Friday, but to get there on Friday, get your baselines done, then make sure you’ve got all your bases covered for how it’s going to project forward on the Sunday.’


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