Wehrlein completes 270 laps on Pirelli’s 2017 wet weather prototype tyres


It was announced on Thursday evening that Manor driver Pascal Wehrlein has completed the latest test of Pirelli’s 2017 prototypes at Paul Ricard, completing 270 laps in a Mercedes mule car on wet tyres.

Pirelli is conducting an extensive testing programme for next year involving Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. The latest ran on Wednesday and Thursday at the French circuit, with Manor driver Wehrlein driving a modified Mercedes car with added downforce to replicate next year’s rule changes.

Wehrlein completed 135 laps on either day, which both concentrated exclusively on the wet weather tyres. Mercedes is the next team to test, as it is slated to run the slick tyres at Montmelo, Spain on October 12-13. Red Bull will then continue testing for the next three days. The tyre tests will conclude at Abu Dhabi at the end of the current season.

The wet tyres had previously been tested by Ferrari in August. The testing schedule can be seen in full below:


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