Ferrari drops plan to protest Vettel’s penalty in the Mexican GP

Sebastian Vettel

It was announced yesterday that the Ferrari team has decided against appealing the FIA’s decision to uphold the penalty Sebastian Vettel received for his driving during the Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix.

Vettel lost his podium place after he was deemed to have moved under braking while defending from Daniel Ricciardo in Mexico into Turn 4 late in the race.

On arriving at the next race in Brazil, Ferrari asked for a review of the penalty under the FIA’s international sporting code. Ferrari claimed there were a “number of new elements” that had come to light since the decision was made.

But after looking into the matter again, the FIA dismissed the claim. As was Ferrari’s right under the international sporting code, the team expressed its intention to appeal.

But following consideration, it is believed to be understood in the paddock that Ferrari has chosen not to follow through with its appeal, thus bringing the saga to an end.

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