Jones on F1 reaches 2,000th blog post


When I started #JonesonF1 in October 2012, I never thought I would reach 100 blog posts, never mind reaching 500, 1,000 or 1,500 never mind 2,000 blog posts and I cannot believe that it has happened before the end of the year and before I commit my 2017 season to Driving For Pleasure.

On achieving 2,000 posts with #JonesonF1, I have to thank everyone who has made it possible for me to achieve this milestone. I have to thank firstly every member of the #F1Family and every #F1 fan that have followed and shared links to the blog from its early days as McLaren F1 Messiah on Twitter. You guys really are truly the best and welcoming family on Twitter!

A big massive thank you goes out to my #JonesonF1 Promotional Partners who are my #MsportXtra partner Duurt (You can follow Duurt on Twitter @MsportExtra), my #F1LiveStream partner Etienne (You can follow Etienne on Twitter @Etienne_Dokkum), my amazing and truly awesome and the best partner-in-crime ever Sarah (who runs #F1POTD with @F1_Fans_Updates who I meant via Pit Stop Radio @PitStopRadio), the awesome one that is Paul (You can follow Paul on Twitter @Paul11MSport), my favourite Mancunian Ben (You can follow Ben on Twitter @BenIssatt) and also to my PSR panel buddy Jon (You can follow Jon on Twitter @jonharber).

From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you each of you enough for your personal support and also I am so honoured for #JonesonF1 to be one of your promotional partners. I would like to thank you all for believing in me, helping me settle into the #MsportXtra, #F1LiveStream, PSR and F1 Family and also supporting #JonesonF1 for giving me with fantastic opportunity to become a partner with each of you and also for becoming very close friends along the way.

I would also like to thank the following people:-

  • The PSR Family- Thank you so much for welcoming into PSR and making me feel part of the family since I joined. We may not talk often due to the pressures of life but thanks for being an epic second family
  • Thank you to Phil from Driving for Pleasure for giving me the opportunity to write Formula One coverage for their website. I thank you so much for your support and giving me the chance to write for your amazing website and I hope to continue our partnership in the near future.

And finally, I cannot thank my amazing family and friends enough for all their support since starting the blog. A special thanks especially goes to Ste who has lent me his laptop whenever I need it during the course of this journey in exchange for being fed steak (Yes Ste, I said steak!). Without their support and encouragement I receive from them, I would not be where I am with the blog today and I am forever indebted to each and every one of you for supporting and believing in me and the blog.

So thank you so much; words will never express how grateful and humbled I am to reach this milestone and also for your support.


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