This is my heart signing off…


This is it. The final word.

Wow! This is extremely hard for me to write even though many of you know what this is going to be, my final farewell.

I wrote in October that I have decided for the 2017 season that I will not be blogging on Jones on F1 for the 2017 Formula One season. For the 2017 season, I will be just focusing on writing for Driving For Pleasure and covering F1 and Formula E  with them as I have been for the last two years and properly giving it a full year of my attention to see if I can grow, develop it and build upon what I have already achieved there so far.

People now tend to know me as their F1 and Formula E (especially the latter) writer especially after receiving an FIA Accredition for my Formula E coverage after only writing about the series since February this year. But it is only fair that I give myself the opportunity to develop, grow and expand as a writer even further and repay the faith that Phil has shown in me for the last two years.

Ever since I announced this decision in October, I have nothing but positive comments about the decision and many people have been respectful and extremely supportive as always about this. Yet I have also had negative feedback as well; with many people wondering why I have taken this “rash” decision.

Well as I have previously stated, it’s been extremely hard for me to make this personal decision and this decision hasn’t been easy for me in the slightest, I’ve spent a lot of time, thought and even sleepless nights I have been thinking about it since March but gave myself time to consider this through to see if I would feel the same about it. But I still do.

I have and will be completely honest with each and everyone of you right here, right now. There’s many different reasons and factors that have contributed to me making this decision ranging from my current employment commitments, my commitments generally in my life and also events that have happened in my personal life this year especially that have made me step back and think about what I want to do, where my time, attention, care and focuses need to be on in my life and for my well-being right now.

And no matter how hard it might be for others to comprehend, understand or even acknowledge the decision that I have made regarding my writing commitments, all I ask is that you respect my decision which has I say hasn’t been easy to make at all.

I’ve had a great four years with the blog; words cannot be enough for what the blog has done for myself and also for my writing career as well. I’ve built the blog from absolutely nothing in October 2012 to now where the blog is now four years old, has now passed 31,000 website views and has reached over 2,000 blog posts.

This is something I could have never dreamed of when I started in 2012 and the best thing about the blog has been to share my passion for the fastest motorsport in the world that I’ve had since the age of seven years old. But the most important thing the blog has given me in the last four years is that I have gained experience and confidence with my writing and also as a person as well.

Over four brilliant years, I have made some great friends and colleagues that have become an important part in my blog’s journey. I would like to say a big thank you to my Promotional Partners Duurt and Etienne for believing in me 100% throughout this journey. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you, you have shown me unconditional praise and support and I am proud to have had you both on this journey with me and have you as colleagues and friends as well.

To PSR and the PSR Family (you know who you are) who over the past three years helped me as a person and also as a journalist get my work out to a wider audience. I’ve had a ball and long may the laughs continue as well.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the F1 Family on Twitter who have followed me since the early days of the blog and have supported me since with their support. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have ever achieved this and you guys are the best family on Twitter.

Without getting emotional here, I would like to say thank you to my partner in crime Sarah, Paul, Jon, Ben, Lois and Courtney for being the best friends and fellow F1 fans that I could dream of. Each of you individually have helped inspire, promote, encourage, support the blog in your own ways but more importantly without this blog, being fellow fans and PSR, we wouldn’t even be friends. I thank the stars that I found each of you and words can’t say how much I love you all.

I cannot miss out my editor Phil at Driving For Pleasure. Phil has been absolutely nothing but brilliant since we began working together and despite me always being at work most weekends when Formula One and Formula E is on television, he has supported me in the work I do for him but also for this blog and has done everything in his power to help me continue my writing. So Thank you Phil and here’s to the future together.

Finally, the last of my thank you messages go out to my friends and family. You know who are you and I’m blessed to have your support and encouragement in everything I do in my life. Including this, a pipedream that has achieved so much. You are my world, my rocks, my life- thank you.

But that’s not to say that I won’t ever blog on Jones On F1 again in the near future. I might blog every now and then, just not as frequently as the last four years. But I do now think the time is right for me right now as a Formula One and Formula E writer to see if I can push D4P to be the best it can be with my full attention and commitment for at least a year.

But that’s it everyone. I will do a Twitcam to say a fond goodbye to the blog within the next week. I will be forever grateful to everyone who has read, support and promoted Jones on F1  during the 4 years I’ve been doing the blog.

I couldn’t have asked for better people to help me on this journey I’ve been on. And I hope you will be there for the next stage of my journey by following my Formula 1 and Formula E coverage on Driving For Pleasure from the 29th November 2016 and beyond.


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