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Happy 2nd Birthday Pit Stop Radio


In the words of your host of Pit Stop Radio (who is Sarah), “Hello, hello, hello everyone”, today sees one of our #jonesonf1 Promotional Partners which is the fabulous Pit Stop Radio celebrate two years of being “Your Pole Position podcast”. Pit Stop Radio is a podcast that is dedicated to discussing everything that is going on in the crazy world of Formula One.

Throughout the course of the Formula One season, Pit Stop Radio reviews every qualifying session and race weekend and allows fellow fans of the sport the opportunity to get their opinions heard by either taking part in the live chatroom on their website www.pitstopradio.blogspot.com while a show is broadcast or even being a member of the Skype panel and express their views live on air.

On Pit Stop Radio’s second birthday, I have decided with the help of some members of the Pit Stop Radio regulars to celebrate this fantastic achievement by sharing our memories of Pit Stop Radio over the course of its first two years.

Duurt Dijkman aka @Formula1extra:-

‘Sarah (1), we both started out on Twitter about the same time and ever since we’ve became good friends. Sadly I’ve missed the 1st episode of #PSR but during your 1st year, Pit Stop Radio got bigger and bigger. I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve joined in and was honoured when you asked me to be on your panel last year #ChinaGP.

‘We kid a lot with #OGL but I do believe that you have lead the way into how social media can interact on a higher level with a live show in combination with a chatroom. 2012 was the year where you had a lot of “famous” special guests and that shows the important and impact you have made to the #F1 world and #F1Family all around the world.

‘I have never had the opportunity to talk to people from Australia, England and America at the same time but through PSR, that became possible. So thank you for doing an absolute amazing job, hope you’ll be with us for many, many more years to come and I’m proud to call you my #F1-partner. Congratulations.’

Lois Martin (@LoisMarketing):-

‘Congratulations Sarah! Another great milestone for Pit Stop Radio. It’s such fun to be part of the PSR family and I’ve enjoyed being a part of several panels on your show. I admire and appreciate not only your knowledge and love for Formula 1 but your commitment to quality shows and chats week after week.

‘It is an honour to be your “F1 big sis” and I appreciate your friendship very much. You have created one of the most fun, entertaining and insightful F1 ‘communities’ on the Internet and it’s allowed me to get to know a great group of fellow fans from throughout the world. Thanks for allowing this “crazy kid across the pond” along for the ride.’

Paul Hensby (@Paul11F1):-

‘There is nothing better than discussing Formula 1 with fellow fans. Before I found Pit Stop Radio and joined the PSR Family, I very rarely discussed the best sport in the world with anyone. But now I enjoy the interaction PSR provides. Whether it is a qualifying or race review show, or a special interview, Sarah 1, you do a masterful job at hosting the best show on the World Wide Web!

‘Congratulations on the two years of PSR Sarah 1, you have grown leaps and bounds in the time I’ve been listening, and I can only applaud the efforts you make, enthusiastically. Your passion for Formula 1 certainly comes through on air, and you hold it all together like glue. I have even forgiven you for the momentarily lapses when you omit Toro Rosso from your running order!

‘I also thank you wholeheartedly for allowing me to be on your panel, I do enjoy being on the show, and even if I’m not on it, I’ll be listening intently and participating in the chat room. I have to admit I was a nervous wreck before my first show, but you made me feel comfortable on air. I know you have to state disclaimers at times (especially with a certain biased fan), but that makes it even more enjoyable.

‘Keep up the good work Sarah 1; you are a superstar at work! Your 2013 Pit Stop Points Champion is always looking forward to the next instalment of Pit Stop Radio!’

Ben Issatt (@BenIssatt)

‘Though I may not have been following Pit Stop Radio for as long as most, I can honestly say it’s a great thing to be a part of and a great way of interacting with other hardcore F1 fans!

‘While most will write about their favourite moments from the two years Pit Stop Radio, all I can say is for me the best part is being able to share my views and opinions and occasionally put questions to some of those inside the F1 circle.

‘Sarah, you do a tremendous job every show and (usually) don’t leave any major story untouched and for us who call ourselves bloggers or writers the show is a great way to gage opinions and thoughts which we can then use in our own work.

‘For any die hard F1 fan being a part of the Pit Stop Radio family is an absolute must and I’m just pleased I found it when I did! Keep up the good work and here’s to the next 2 years of PSR madness!’

Stefan McCredy (@Stefan_McC_F1):-

‘Two years of Pit Stop Radio…. Wow……. This has been achieved by the hard work that Sarah has put into the show. Without the dedication to keep the show going, it probably wouldn’t be where it is today. Pit Stop Radio has got to a point where you can expect guest interviews from people like Peter Windsor, David Croft, Craig Scarborough and even a Former FIA doctor.

‘Not many podcasts can say that they have achieved this. I have had the pleasure of being on the show and every time it is a pleasure to be on. There are not many places where I can go to purely talk about Formula One but Pit Stop Radio gives me the chance to “let it all out” so to speak.

‘PSR also does this thing where it brings F1 fans together in one place to chat about the sport we follow profusely. It’s all a big laugh and everyone enjoys it. I hope that the show goes on and on for more years to come.’

Kate Hewitt (@KatehewiF1):

‘I was fairly new to PSR but I’ve never been so welcomed. It was really easy to speak with everyone and have an instant friendship. Every show has it’s moments but the constant references to Narain and Portugal are at the top of my list.

‘The crack pipe is closely followed. It’s always great to hear from F1 personnel, and Craig Scarborough always has great insight and Crofty is a pleasure to listen to. Congratulations on the two years Sarah!’

Samuel Moore (@ThatBiasedFIGuy):

‘To our glorious leader, aka Sarah 1, the time has come to celebrate the two year anniversary of Pit Stop Radio. There is not a simple way for me to say thank you for the all of the work you have put into bringing all of us F1 fans together of the years.

‘You have done such a great job with the show and I can’t imagine how you must be feeling with seeing the results from all of the hard work you have put into Pit Stop Radio. It may not be much, but I want to say a massive thank you for doing what you have for the F1 community, and hope that you’ll keep up all of the hard work in the future.’

Jon Harber (@jonharber):

‘So Pit Stop Radio is 2 years old. Firstly huge congratulations to Sarah on a great achievement.

‘I remember being on the panel for one of the 1st ever shows and since then there’s been great guests (my personal fave being Gary Hartstein), lively and sometimes funny debates(the crack pipe springs to mind), Portugal, Karthikeyan, Sarah 2’s hatred of Voldermort, more disclaimers than you can count(Pit Stop Radio does not condone shooting people is probably the best ever) and through it all we’ve had Sarah to thank for bringing us all together to share our love of F1.

‘So 2 years and here’s to the next 2.’

Sarah Jones (@jonesy_laaa):

‘Sarah (1), you have created something so original and unique with Pit Stop Radio. We do not get the opportunity to have an active involvement with the sport that we all love on a regular basis or the chance to talk and interact with many Formula One fans across the UK and the world that we would not be able to chat to if it wasn’t for you.

‘To me, this is what makes Pit Stop Radio the best podcast for Formula One fans to get involved with. With the commitment, dedication and hard work that you put into every qualifying or race review show or even a special interview, you do a truly magnificent job and this is why Pit Stop Radio is the best podcast on the sport!

‘A big massive congratulations on your second anniversary with PSR Sarah 1. It is an absolutely fantastic achievement. You are the glue that holds all of us together and your passion for the sport is something that shines through with every show that you do.

‘I know I haven’t been part of the PSR Family for long, but you have embraced me and welcomed me with open arms and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be on the panel and share my passion for the greatest motorsport in the world in an welcoming, exciting and comfortable environment (even if I rant quite a lot about Voldermort and praying to Scouse Jesus for miracles!).

‘Even when I’m not on the panel or when most Saturdays I’m in work (boo!), I relish listening and taking part in the show in the chatroom or tweeting when I’m supposed to be working. Let us not forget that this where we saw Karthikeynan win his first Grand Prix at Portugal (and that will never be beaten!), Jon and the legend that is the crack pipe, finding out that we have Max Chilton (Luke) and Ross Brawn (Paul) as part of the PSR Family and the mention of Quantum live on air set off the fire alarm at my work!

‘Sarah, I am so, so proud of you and everything you have achieved with Pit Stop Radio. There are no limits to what you will achieve and I can see Pit Stop Radio achieving so much more in the bright future that is awaiting it. I am so, so honoured and privileged not only to be a member of the PSR Family, but also proud to be your Promotional Partner with #jonesonf1and how could I not forget, it is the place where I found my awesome partner in crime!

‘My final message to you is that never forget that you are awesome and you always will be and that is a Sarah rule.’

And all I can say in conclusion is once again a massive congratulations from every member of the PSR Family Sarah for bringing us two years of the best Formula One podcast out there.

Every single one of us absolutely love being part of Pit Stop Radio if it’s either in the chatroom or on the panel expressing our views live on air. There is no question that what you have achieved with Pit Stop Radio is absolutely remarkable. Even though all of the PSR Family has their favourite driver in their heart and has their own valid opinions about the sport we all love but what you cannot deny is that Pit Stop Radio is the most comforting and thrilling environment for us Formula One fans to share our views.

We may agree or disagree with the opinions that we share live in the chatroom or on the panel, but we will forever be grateful that you have provided us with the opportunity to share them and has allowed for our opinions to be respected by others, but also to be heard.

Happy 2nd Birthday Pit Stop Radio! Here’s to the next two years!

[You can follow the host of Pit Stop Radio Sarah on Twitter @F1_Fans_Updates and take part in her daily #F1POTD. You can follow Pit Stop Radio on Twitter @PitStopRadio. Please join Pit Stop Radio tomorrow for their Spanish Grand Prix Race Review at 8pm BST time and you can get your opinions heard in the chatroom at www.pitstopradio.blogspot.com].

Happy 1st Birthday to McLarenf1messiah!

I cannot believe it! The blog is a year old! And what a year it has been. I have been privileged to write some amazing Race Weekend Reports, articles and F1 News piece for you guys that you all seem to get some enjoyment out of.

A year ago, if someone asked me how I would like my blog to be, I would say that I would like to be out there in the world and maybe 10 people would read it. But as I speak, the blog is gaining readers and followers all the time and I am always receiving positive (sometimes negative) comments that I love to receive and love replying back to you guys.

So without further ado, I would to thank a lot of people who have had the courage to believe in me and my blog and I am forever indebted to:-

My Twitter Family

You guys are the best in the world and I thank you all for reading my blog, following me on Twitter. And also for your continued RT’s promoting the blog and I thank each and every one of you who do this post after post.

The first group of people I have to thank are the first guys of my F1 Family who have supported me from the very beginning last October and gave me the confidence to continue:- @NickDevilleF1, @Sophie_G_Paris, @ImNotBillCosby, @tyres2u, @compusime, @WORLDF1FANS, @F1_Fans_Updates, @thepitstopblog, @f1predictions1, @Formula1extra, @colinmc1983, @jude_mac, @anthonydolan1, @alex_gr8, and @sonia_jones 7. Thanks again guys x

The last group I have to thank are everyone who has followed me over the last year, kept RT’ing my tweets and are absolutely awesome people and I am glad you are my F1 Family:- @FirePhoenix23, @walkingleaf79, @AlanSabatino, @TomWilkinsonF1 (great F1 reporter!), @zdravkost, @DavidAnnisF1, @brin_7, @ALewis_FAFan, @katemackay55, @Podium_Finish (great blog!), @McLarenFamily, @Andayroo, @mattymc91, @F1Rebecca, @funnyF1pics, @Formula_F1_News, @f1leewebb, @f1morgan, @mclarenboy0310, @stephenhibbert1, @Fenderstratfan2, @JeffHervel, @simplesi3, @LiamJSimRacing, @gaffer101, @tutt11, @8_enginerule, @Formula1nutjob, @Luke_R_J, @F1Guy, @elliotball94, @stecoopz, @F1UK, @nigeljf40, @caysie21, @iFredy29, @l4ur4m, @F1_Obessed, @Driving4Pleasure (great blog!), @saj_86, @Rog____, @alexf1man, @Mike_CannonF1, @Engfootyfan, @snowy_f1_bear, @RichMoore20, @GenerationF1, @Ragde77, @atoby, @Ewan99F1, @JaySiyani, @sandyformula1, @AJDinan, @Mark_Whitelegge, @f1nath25, @SJohnstone77, @BelieveInF1, @MaraJbRomano, @pat869, @saratundi, @f1mclarenfan, @BenIssat, @BeckyMoore623, @X44BAX, @TrueMcLarenFans, @DC_F1, @badmatt12, @SarahBailey40, @F1orFu, @becca_F1, @LiveF1Chat, @Steve_BabbF1, @paulwadf1, @JakeDDCreative, @f1plus, @DharmaBodhi, @TinkerBell2100, @James_Greeny94, @McLarenFanatics, @thomasraymond, @Forbesie10, @JamesHailey1. Big thanks to you guys x

@F1Fans Mag A big massive thank you to you for allowing me the opportunity to write and also publish my Felipe Massa article in this month’s magazine. Also thanks for your continued support! X

And finally…

My friends and family They all know who they are and what they mean to me. You have always supported me through everything and I could not live without you all (even if you do stupid/ weird/ crazy things!). You are my world and I love each and every one of you! Xxxx

And all that is left for me to say is let’s make it another incredible year!

Sarah (MF1M) xxxx