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IBM extends partnership with Red Bull Racing until the 2020 season

F1 Testing In Barcelona - Day Four

It was announced this afternoon that the Red Bull Racing Team is delighted to announce a renewed agreement to team with IBM Spectrum Computing for a further four years, until the 2020 season.

The Team uses IBM Spectrum solutions to manage the data used in the design and development of their 2016 challenger, the RB12. The newly extended Innovation Partner relationship is marked with IBM Spectrum Computing branding on-car and around the garage.

The team uses IBM Spectrum software to automate mission-critical development processes running on the factory’s High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, enabling more efficient and effective use of the resource. Key to this is workload scheduler IBM Spectrum LSF, which acts like a project manager for this data, and IBM Spectrum Scale, a software-defined-storage tool designed to simplify and control large volumes of data.

The renewed agreement will also add IBM’s Spectrum Protect functionality to the team’s IT arsenal; providing backup capability to secure the large volumes of data generated every day in the factory – and every weekend at the race track.

In a statement to the media this afternoon, Matt Cadieux, Chief Information Officer, Red Bull Racing said the following about the extension of the partnership:-

‘We’re delighted to have the continued support of IBM, who have already helped us see significant gains in productivity in the way we use our HPC resource. Their scheduling and storage tools have become a key element in managing our work flow and maximise our data handling.’

F1 ends partnership with Mumm Champagne

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium - Race

It was announced this morning that Formula 1 has ended its 15-year sponsorship deal with Mumm, the brand of champagne used during the podium ceremony.

From 2016, the F1 podium finishers will taste champagne from Moet et Chandon.

However, Mumm will remain linked to motorsport after having announced a deal with Formula E at the end of last year.

Mumm brand owner Pernod Ricard said in a statement to the media the following regarding their decision to part ways with the sport as follows:-

‘We are very proud of our past and have enjoyed 15 years as the official champagne of Formula 1, seeing great success in terms of visibility and awareness. In our mission to continually innovate, excite and push the boundaries, we have chosen to explore a new opportunity – Formula E, electric motor racing.

‘It is truly ground breaking, has a strong fit with our brand values and is a natural evolution in motor racing.’

Mercedes seek FIA clarity over Ferrari and Haas Partnership


It was announced today that the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team has written to the FIA asking for clarity over Formula One’s aerodynamic regulations amid suspicions the partnership between the Scuderia Ferrari team and 2016 new-comers Haas F1 Team who may have found loopholes in the regulations.

As a new team starting in the sport next year, Haas’ wind tunnel and CFD development has not been restricted in the same way as existing F1 teams and it has been using Ferrari’s wind tunnel and facilities extensively to develop its 2016 car.

Earlier this year, the rest of the current teams raised their suspicions over the relationship, believing Haas may be running a joint wind tunnel programme with Ferrari to help develop the current SF15-T, but a visit by the FIA’s F1 Technical and Sporting Co-ordinator Marcin Budkowski reported nothing wrong with the way the two teams are operating.

But Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff labelled the relationship “very intelligent” earlier this year, but on October 15 Mercedes technical boss Paddy Lowe wrote to the FIA’s race director Charlie Whiting regarding a number of ambiguities he believed now existed over Appendices 6 and 8 of the Sporting Regulations.

Appendix 6 lists the parts a team must own the intellectual property to in order to compete and Appendix 8 deals with restrictions over aerodynamic testing. Although Haas and Ferrari were not mentioned specifically, Lowe’s questions seek clarity on the relationship allowed between an existing F1 team and a potential new outfit such as Haas.

An FIA document released which has been released to the media in Abu Dhabi today added that “resolution of the ambiguities is of the utmost importance to Mercedes as it is currently considering the possibility of collaborating with third parties on its testing programme, including the sharing of staff and knowledge, which it believes could be permitted under the current Regulations as drafted”.

As the questions relate to F1’s sporting regulations, the matter has been referred to the stewards of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix for consideration, who met with Mercedes on Saturday and intend to reach a decision before Sunday’s race. However, any decision may be subject to appeal.

Red Bull to part ways with Renault in 2016


This evening, it has been speculated according to Autosport that Red Bull Racing and Renault are set to part ways in 2016

With the impending return of Renault to Formula One as a full works team next season; it appears Renault will no longer power Red Bull as a result.

The Red Bull Racing-Renault partnership has seen a lot of success over the past six seasons, winning four drivers’ championships and four constructors’ title with former driver and Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel.

Their relationship has deteriorated over the past two seasons using the media; due to the lack of development towards Renault’s V6 turbo power unit.

Despite having a contract for 2016, reports suggest the deal between the two parties will come to an end a year early. It has been speculated that Red Bull have issued a request to terminate the contract between the two parties.

This will also have implications for Red Bull’s sister team Toro Rosso, who are also powered by Renault. With reports in the paddock suggest Red Bull are in talks with Mercedes for 2016 while Toro Rosso are set to return to Ferrari power for next season. Have Red Bull switched to Mercedes power for next season; I’ll be very surprised if they have or is there another manufacturer in the frame? Only time will tell.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing extends partnership with Flir

All rights reserved to XPB

All rights reserved to XPB.

It has been announced today by the Infiniti Red Bull F1 Racing Team that they have secured  a two-year extension of its Innovation Partnership with FLIR Systems, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial infrared camera systems, following a successful first term. FLIR will continue to work with the Team to develop and supply thermal imaging technology that will be used to gather temperature data from its 2015 challenger, the RB11.

Thermal imaging technology from FLIR has helped Infiniti Red Bull Racing gather and analyze vital heat related information during the development of the car for the 2014 season.  FLIR thermal cameras give the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team unique capabilities to collect critical data about the car’s components and operations.

Commenting on the collaboration, Red Bull’s Team Principal Christian Horner said the following in the official press statement released today:-

‘FLIR technology has proven to be a vital part of our research and development activity throughout the 2014 season and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to renew the partnership.  FLIR’s unrivalled capabilities in this area complement our own expertise and this is another example of Infiniti Red Bull Racing seeking expertise from a best-in-class supplier to help us improve our operation.’

The COO of FLIR Tom Surran has stated in the press release today that he is happy to continue the partnership with Red Bull. Surran said the following:-

‘As a technology company, it is a great privilege to be part of the exciting world of Formula One.The innovation partnership has given our company the opportunity to showcase the many possibilities of thermal imaging and measurement in the demanding field of Formula One auto racing. We look forward to FLIR technology giving the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team a key edge over its rivals.’



Red Bull Racing in partnership with Hi Sense

Image courtesy of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team

Image courtesy of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team

It was announced yesterday by the Infiniti Red Bull Racing in an press release that they are  is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership with Hisense, China’s leading electronics manufacturer.  Hisense has become an Official Supplier to the Team, enabling the company to showcase its technology and raise global brand awareness.

As part of the agreement, Hisense’s logo will feature on the nose of the RB11, on the Team’s pit wall and driver monitors, as well as on all Team Partner listing areas. The partnership means Hisense’s cutting edge range of products, including television and consumer electronics, will be supplied to the team both at track and in the factory.

The announcement was made at the Shanghai International Circuit ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix and complements Hisense’s sponsorship programs in the USA with NASCAR, the Australian Open tennis tournament and Schalke 04 football team in Germany.

In an official press release issued by Red Bull Racing yesterday, Team Principal Christian Horner said the following about the new partnership:-

‘Everyone associated with Infiniti Red Bull Racing is delighted to welcome Hisense to our team. Their approach to innovation and technological development is impressive and we look forward to our partnership developing as the season unfolds.’

Hisense is the No. 1 television manufacturer in China, a position it has maintained for 11 consecutive years. Through this partnership Hisense is looking to become the third most popular global TV brand, one place higher than last year.

In a press statement yesterday, Dr. Lin, Executive Vice President of Hisense Company Ltd stated the following about the partnership as follows:- 

‘Infiniti Red Bull Racing is one of the most successful and most talked about teams in a sport renowned for technology, teamwork and competitiveness. Like Infiniti Red Bull Racing, we are a proud challenger brand and we continually innovate our best-in-class consumer products to stay ahead of the others.  We look forward to sharing these with the team to help them throughout the season.’



Red Bull Racing and Renault: the end is nigh?

14.03.2014 - Qualifying, Daniel Ricciardo (AUS) Red Bull Racing RB11

Ever since the winter pre-season test at Jerez in 2014, the relationship between Red Bull Racing and Renault has been rocky due to the performance of the power unit supplied by Renault to their partners.

However during the course of the 2014 season, Renault and Red Bull were able to work closely together to try and close the gap down to Mercedes as much as they possibly could and were able to win three races thanks to Daniel Ricciardo. Throughout the season, Renault admitted publically that they had started late on their power unit and didn’t expect to be performing at the level they were at.

Meanwhile, Red Bull throughout 2014 were not happy with Renault but did publically support their engine manufacturer despite claims of Red Bull looking into finding another engine supplier or even looking at building engines themselves as early as 2016 which proved to be untrue and unfounded.

At the end of last season, both parties were confident in each other’s abilities to close the gap down to Mercedes,  learnt their lessons regarding their performances from the 2014 season and will have a power unit that should reflect the result of their hard work.

During pre-season testing, Red Bull and Renault had a mediocre time; but it was not as bad as the 2014 season which saw them fail to acquire sufficient mileage on their rivals such as Mercedes who dominated the way with regards to mileage, consistency and also performance on the Jerez and Barcelona circuits.

As we speak at the moment, Red Bull and Renault are in the midst of a public fall out that appears to be worsening as the days go on. Both parties have been trading words in the media regarding each other’s performances since Melbourne with each other believing that their lack of performance is at each other’s doors.

All rights reserved to XPB.

All rights reserved to XPB.

During the weekend in Melbourne, Red Bull’s drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat were not happy with the performance of the V6 power unit claiming that it was “virtually undriveable” while also it is to be believed at least 100 horsepower down on their rivals Mercedes and Ferrari.

With Ricciardo taking to take a second engine out of the four allowed this season at the first race in Australia and Kvyat suffering from oil pressure which stopped him making the start of the Grand Prix, it would seem that all was not well at Red Bull and Renault once again and would appear that the steps they made last year have not transferred at all.

As a result of their poor performance in Australia, Renault have announced that they are undergoing an “aggressive development programme” and they believe that the information gathered as allowed them to make progress regarding refining their engine software that should help their customers in Malaysia,

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner stated after Australia to the press that an engine equalisation rule should be enforced into the sport in order to stop the gap from Mercedes increasing further.

On social media such as Twitter, fans of the sport did not agree with what Horner has suggested; with many fans suggesting that Red Bull needs to concentrate on working closely with Renault to close the gap to Mercedes as much as they possibly can and to “grow up”.

Over the course of this week, Renault and Red Bull’s already tense relationship just got a bit more strained with the engine manufacturer’s boss claiming the F1 team are “lying” about certain issues.

Red Bull designer Adrian Newey, who has taken a back seat this year after playing a major role in helping the team to four back-to-back World titles, suggested ahead of the Australian GP that their engine partner “doesn’t seem willing to engage” so that they can sort out their problems.

In an interview with The Guardian, Newey suggested the following about why Red Bull are not performing on the track in the manner they would like as follows:-

‘It’s one thing being in the position where you’re not competitive but you can see your way out of it. It’s another thing when you’re not competitive and your partner doesn’t seem to be willing to engage.

‘I honestly don’t know the reason for it. It seems to be: ‘Yes, we hear you say’, talk. In pre-season testing, we had 12 days and a filming day in which I think we had six major failures. So our mileage was very restrictive through engine problems and as measured by the torque sensor through those tests, the power we have is exactly the same as last year.’


As a result of Newey’s comment, Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul has spoken out publically against his comments. When asked by French publication Auto Hebdo about Newey’s comments, he replied with the following:-

‘Yes, it’s difficult to have a partner who lies. Adrian is a charming man and an engineer without parallel, but he’s spent his life criticising engine partners. He’s too old to change his ways.’

Despite the tension between the two parties at the moment, Abiteboul further on in his interview once again called on both parties to work together. He added the following:-

‘We need to work together to understand our issues, both within the power unit and the chassis. Our figures have shown that the lap time deficit between Red Bull and Mercedes in Melbourne was equally split between driveability issues, engine performance and chassis performance. It’s therefore the overall package that needs some help and we have been working with the team to move forward.

‘We’ve been particularly aggressive in development and we should see the results a lot more clearly in Malaysia, particularly since we have had the opportunity to refine the PU using the data from Australia. Work is still ongoing but even now we are in a completely different place to where we finished Melbourne.’

Like many fans of the sport, I feel that this is a public battle of words between Red Bull and Renault that appears to be carrying on like a couple of bickering kids in a schoolyard and getting progressively worse as the days go on and that they need to resolve the issues between them as quickly as possible before the situation gets completely out of hand.

I can understand why Red Bull feel the way that they do especially after all the promises that Renault made to them during the course of the 2014 season that appear to have not been met and both parties appear to be slipping backwards rather than forwards. Let me first say that as a racing team, your sole aim is to win race and championships with the best equipment you can provide your drivers with.

We know that Red Bull and Renault can win races and championships. Over four years, we saw Red Bull and Renault with former driver Sebastian Vettel winning four consecutive Drivers and Constructor’s Championships and we know that both parties have the personnel, the expertise and the resources needed to be successful.

With Horner’s claims of a engine equalisation needed to help Mercedes rivals catch up to them is non-sense. At the end of the day, Red Bull and Renault were successful for four years and we credited them at the time for producing the best power unit and car and they deserved their success without a shadow of a doubt.

To me, Horner is not happy with how his team and Renault are not performing and rightly so; even if their junior team Toro Rosso appear to be performing better than them at the moment. But to ask for an equalisation rule because they aren’t winning like they used to is childish and he needs to accept the fact that Mercedes are doing the best job and have produced the best power unit on the grid. The sooner Horner and Red Bull accept this fact; the better.

But at the moment, they need in my opinion to work closely together to resolve their issues with the power unit and their performance on track to get back to that position we know both parties can get to.

I will now flip the coin. Renault are stating that they are making progress and you could argue that they appear at the moment to be lacking compared to the Toro Rosso team. Toro Rosso had a reasonable testing period over the winter and enjoyed success in Melbourne when Carlos Sainz Jr scored points at his debut even though Max Verstappen retired from the race.

With both Red Bull and Toro Rosso undergoing different directions with regards to the designs of their cars as you would expect. Under Newey, Red Bull have always pushed their design philosophy to the limit with their packaging and their aerodynamics that has lead to issues with their reliability. Compared to Toro Rosso, they appear to design a car that allows more scope and is able as a result to achieve higher speeds on the circuit but cannot match Red Bull through the corners which has always been their strength.

So you could state that the different design philosophies adopted by both teams could play an important impact on how the Renault power unit performs on the circuit and at the moment, Toro Rosso appear to have a handle on reliability compared to Red Bull and this is another area that Red Bull have simply got to investigate and get a handle on as soon as possible.

With Renault publically stating that there are issues that needed to be addressed with Red Bull and are not shying away from this fact; you could argue that Renault at least are not in denial like Red Bull are at the moment and want to resolve the issues where they should be resolved which is behind the scenes rather than a public show of comments that will not help either side to move forward and try to beat their rivals.

All rights reserved to XPB.

All rights reserved to XPB.

So I pose the question we are all thinking; are Red Bull and Renault heading for a divorce? With speculation increasing that Renault could be making a full return to Formula One; they could purchase Red Bull’s junior team to do so. if that is the case, the question will be what will Red Bull do next?

With Red Bull’s owners over the past two months issuing idle threats in my opinion to quit the sport will not help either party. I can understand everyone’s frustrations and concerns, but saying claims like that is completely unfounded and will not help the situation to move forward.

The spotlight at the moment is still firmly on rising costs in the sport and with Red Bull stating that they could quit the sport as they are not “getting the returns that they want” could be a sign of the frustrations with Renault at present but also that they simply do not like the fact that they aren’t winning anymore.

And my thoughts on that is; Red Bull have simply got to accept the fact that they are not winning anymore for whatever reason it may be and they should be working behind the scenes at their factory and in partnership with Renault to find out what the problems are; find viable solutions and develop the car as much as they can during the long season ahead.

Today, Horner has stated that the equalisation engine rule that he has been so out-spoken about is now “not right for F1” and is unlikely to become a reality. Why the sudden change of heart you ask?

Horner now realises that the situation is very frustrating and the fact that he believes that Renault needs more investment to match what Mercedes have put into the V6 power units is a valdid point indeed; but it still doesn’t allow Horner the right to throw his dummy out of the pram so to speak in the manner that he has and he should apologise to Renault and the sport for his earlier comments.

If Red Bull feel that they have given Renault enough chances and feel that they will not be able to meet their objectives; then the time might be right for them to consider another engine manufacturer who may fit their needs and objectives on the track better. Of course it is not going to be easy for either party; but they have everything at their disposal to get back to where they once was and have the potential to do so once again; even if it will be a long hard road ahead of them.

But overall, it is clear that Red Bull and Renault are not as competitive as they would like to be and this public display of words isn’t doing them any favours. Their relationship with each other has now been affected by this breakdown and they have only a few options to resolve the issue.

The only options I feel that Red Bull and Renault have at the moment are that they need to stop feuding with each other in the media, work closely together and work on the issues they need to to resolve and try and close the gap down to Mercedes which will take a lot of hard work. Or the only other option is to work this season closely to close the gap down to Mercedes and Red Bull look at finding another engine manufacturer as soon as possible and leave Renault.

I would say that Red Bull need to stop throwing their toys out of the pram, accept that they aren’t competitive as Mercedes, stop throwing out ridiculous comments in order to attack Renault, Mercedes and also the sport at their failure (yes there’s) alongside Renault’s of not having the tools needed to be competitive in the sport currently.

But to me; Red Bull and Renault need each other, just like flowerpots and dirt. Both parties have shown in the past that if everything comes together; they can deliver and be at the front of the grid competitively winning races and championships. They just need in my opinion to get back to that by working together; not against each other.