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Ricciardo is onto his fourth engine

1022.6666666666666x767__origin__0x0_Daniel_Ricciardo4After only had four races this season, Daniel Ricciardo will use his final engine in Barcelona after a spectacular blowout in Bahrain.

The Red Bull driver finished a comfortable sixth at the Sakhir circuit on Sunday, but smoke was seen bellowing from his car moments before he crossed the finish line as his engine gave up.

It means he will have to use another new internal combustion engine (ICE) at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Ricciardo also suffered an engine problem during practice at the season-opening Australian race while the team also fitted a new one ahead of the Chinese GP last week.

He will be onto his fourth ICE in Spain and any new ones fitted after that will lead to an automatic grid penalty.

in an interview with the media this week, Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has stated that Ricciardo will be on his fourth engine in Barcelona and that the engine will most likely end up as a coffee table. Horner confirmed the following:-

‘All the [post-race] fireworks went off and the engine obviously wanted to join in. It failed 200 metres before the line, but thankfully we had enough momentum to coast over the line.

‘I think that the engine will be a coffee table in the future – that’s three out of four now for Daniel. He’ll be on engine four in Barcelona.’

Further on in his interview, Horner has stated that the team have had problems with the Renault engine at every race so far but despite this; Renault do want to improve their situation. Horner added the following:-

‘We have had problems in every race so far. I went to Paris between China and coming here, I had a constructive discussion with [Renault’s chief performance officer] Jerome Stoll who is the main board member within Renault and they don’t want to be in this position.

‘They want to be in F1 to compete and they want to win, they don’t want to be in the situation that they are, so of course that is not going to come for free. He recognises that and Renault seem committed to finding a solution.’

As Horner says, the Renault power unit hasn’t performed well so far this season and it is clear for all to see that they have some major issues that they need to address and fix as soon as possible.

Of course both parties are not going to be happy with where they are and how they are performing. As Horner says; Renault competes to win, just like Red Bull do. But they both need to concentrate individually and also together as a partnership on developing and Improving the car and also the power unit and see if they can improve their performance in the season ahead.

Renault and Red Bull have the personnel, the resources, the knowledge and the experience to be successful like they have in the past, they just need to find that ‘spark’ that will get them to the level of success that they want to achieve once again; because ultimately; the potential is there.

Ricciardo wins Laureus award


It was announced yesterday that Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo won the Laureus award for the World Breakthrough of the year award in a ceremony held in Shanghai last night.

Ricciardo found himself nominated against other sportspeople such as the U.S. Open winner Marin Clinc of Croatia, Germany’s World Cup winner Mario Gotza and Colombian footballer James Rodriquez.

Last season saw Ricciardo being the only driver to win three races in F1 when it was dominated by Mercedes Benz.

Sadly, Ricciardo couldn’t be there to accept his award in person but expressed his delight of winning the award with a video that was shown in the ceremony.

World Champion Lewis Hamilton was nominated for the Sportsperson of the year award but Hamilton lost out to tennis player Novak Djokovic. The Mercedes team lost out the Team of the Year award to Germany’s 2014 World Cup squad.

But massive congratulations to Daniel on his award. It is well deserved especially after his stunning performance in his debut season with Red Bull.

There is no doubt that Ricciardo is a world champion of the future and in a few years time; he could nominated for Sportsperson of the year which I do see happening sooner rather than later.

Horner: Ricciardo’s start was ‘human error’


In an interview with the media after the Chinese GP today, Team Principal Christian Horner  believes the poor start that ruined Daniel Ricciardo’s Chinese Grand Prix was the result of a procedure error that he did himself.

Ricciardo fell from seventh on the grid to 17th on the first lap at Shanghai, and could only recover to ninth. After the race, Ricciardo said the anti-stall system had triggered as he tried to pull away, but that he was “not quite sure why”.

In an interview with the media after the race, Horner said the early indications were that it was not a mechanical problem. Horner stated the following:-

‘It looks like human error. The initial feedback I had is that it looks like some kind of mistake on the pedal. Whether or not he had all the lights, I don’t know.

‘Unfortunately it was an expensive error because you’re on the back foot when you’re fighting with McLarens at the back of the field.’

It is clear that Horner believes that the error was caused by Ricciardo and wasn’t anything to do with any problems with the car and I am sure that the team will be investigating what happened after the race. But as Horner said it was a mistake that was costly but thankfully Ricciardo was able to recover from it to gain two points.

Ricciardo was the only Renault-powered driver to score in China as both his team-mate Daniil Kvyat and Toro Rosso’s Max Verstappen suffered engine failures.

In his own interview with the media after the race today, Renault F1 chief Cyril Abiteboul said Ricciardo’s poor race had amplified the sense of crisis around the team and engine supplier. Abiteboul said the following:-

‘It’s unfortunate that Ricciardo did not finish higher. At least with a better result it would have been a more positive story for the Red Bull/Renault group this afternoon.’

It is clear that Abiteboul is disappointed with the performance of the Renault power unit today in China but knows that this is the best result that they could have achieved and Ricciardo did everything possible to get the highest result that he could obtain.

In his own interview with the media, Ricciardo also felt Red Bull’s strategy could have been better handled. Ricciardo said the following:-

‘We were obviously stuck in a bit of traffic, I didn’t really feel we could get the option [soft tyre] working. I wanted to go on the prime but then the team said the prime didn’t look so good, so we had to go back on the option.

‘But at the end of the race the pace was better, and that was on the prime, so maybe we’ll look at if we could’ve done something better there. But the start was obviously what shagged our race.’

It would seem that Ricciardo has issues concerning the strategy that the team had given him in the race today and that is something he will have to discuss with the team during the debrief. But despite this, Ricciardo in the latter stages of the race had a better race pace and battled with Marcus Ericsson for the final points of the race which is a great achievement considering where he and the team are on the track at the moment.

But Ricciardo understands that the error at the start did not help his race and he accepts full responsibility for this error and will learn from this mistake. Even though Ricciardo didn’t have the weekend he wanted at Shanghai, he did the best he could do with the car and drove a good race to get some much needed points for himself and the Red Bull team.

But all eyes will be upon him, Renault and Red Bull to learn from this weekend and have a better showing in Baharin next weekend and let’s hope that is the case for him and he manages to have a better race as a result.


Daniel Ricciardo runs into the new F1 season with a practice before the annual Wings for Life run

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo running on the Albert Park circuit. Image courtesy of Infiniti Red Bull Racing

In a press release issued on behalf of the Wings For Life Charity today by Red Bull Racing, their driver Daniel Ricciardo is used to racing around Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit at incredible speeds but on Thursday he left the cockpit to give the circuit a closer inspection at a slightly more sedate pace.

With the start of the new Formula One season just days away, the Infiniti Red Bull Racing driver was able to examine every twist and bump in the circuit as he did a practice session ahead of the Wings for Life World Run on 3 May.

Ricciardo enjoyed a sensational season in Formula One in 2014 and won three races and finishing third in the world championship but on Thursday his focus switched momentarily to the huge global event that has captured the imagination of runners worldwide.

The Wings for Life World Run is a global running event on 3 May, 2015 in which athletes in 35 locations start running at the same time. The race has no finish line but competitors are pursued by a virtual Catcher Car, the last runner to be caught is the winner.

Daniel Ricciardo and Deitrich Mateschitz promoting the event. Image courtesy of Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Daniel Ricciardo and Deitrich Mateschitz promoting the event. Image courtesy of Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Once Ricciardo knew the run involved being pursued by a car, if only a virtual one available in the Wings for Life World Run App, he knew he had to get involved. ‘They told me there was a driver who could beat me and the logical thing to think was: challenge accepted,’ joked the 25-year-old Australian driver.

Sunday marks the start of the 2015 season with Ricciardo and Infiniti Red Bull Racing looking to build on the success of 2014. With Russian driver Daniil Kvyat his team-mate this year, Ricciardo is not looking to change the formula in 2015. Ricciardo said the following in the press release issued today:-

‘I had a good year last year. I’m still young, it’s a sport where you constantly develop and grow and keep learning. I can’t see any reason why I would not be as good as last year.  I feel I’ve just got to keep building on what I did. No need to change too much.’

The nearby track in Melbourne is one of the 35 global vnues where competitors will start at the same time in an event aimed at raising awareness and funds for spinal cord injury research.

Ricciardo: Suspension failure ended by race

F1 Grand Prix of Brazil

In his interview with ESPN F1 yesterday, Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo says a suspension failure was the reason for his “boring” Brazilian Grand Prix coming to a premature end.

Ricciardo limped back to the pit lane on lap 39 after reporting what he initially thought was a brake failure and ended his a run of 15 consecutive top eight finishes.

In his interview with ESPN F1 yesterday, Ricciardo says that he was having problems with braking during the race and believed it was a brake failure at first he was suffering from. Ricciardo stated the following:-

‘From yesterday afternoon the weekend went a little downhill, obviously I had the issue today. To be honest a few laps before my eventually problem I had, let’s say wobbles, going down when I was braking. The car seemed to be behaving a little bit weird.

‘You never know, it could be tyres wearing, so you try not to take too much notice. Eventually when I braked into Turn 1 the car shot to the right and for me, I thought there was a brake failure. I came into the pits and the team told me it was a suspension failure, so I was wrong with that one.’

It would seem that during the race according to Ricciardo, he suffered problems with his braking which he tried to do the best he could while driving and believed that was the cause of what he was suffering from. However, it has now come to light that suspension failure was the cause of his problems and that Ricciardo was wrong in his assumption of what was going wrong on his car.

Further on in his interview, Ricciardo believes that even if he had not suffered the suspension failure he does not think he was on for a strong finish in Interlagos, even though team-mate Sebastian Vettel finished fifth. Ricciardo added the following:-

‘It was unfortunately a bit of a boring race; we were close to everyone but not close enough to really have many fights. I would have liked to have a bit more fun but we didn’t really have much else there.’

Even though Ricciardo classes his race yesterday as “boring”, it is clear that he just didn’t have the pace or the performance to challenge the Mercedes, Ferrari or McLaren drivers on the circuit. Of course Ricciardo would have wanted to challenge for position on track, but there was nothing else he could have done.

But all Ricciardo can do is analyse the data from yesterday and ensure that he finds the right set up and gets quickly on the pace for the final race in Abu Dhabi and end his brilliant season on a high. And if anyone can do this, it is Ricciardo.

Ricciardo: Strategy was good to get ahead of Williams


Yesterday in an interview with ESPN F1, Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo was full of praises for Red Bull’s strategy after he recovered from a poor start to claim the final spot on the United States Grand Prix podium.

Ricciardo had a slow getaway from fifth but, after dispatching Fernando Alonso early on, set about reeling in the Williams pair of Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa. Williams was unable to shake Ricciardo and he managed to undercut Bottas and then Massa at respective pit stops, with his pace enough to keep the Mercedes-powered cars at bay until the end.

In his interview with ESPN F1 yesterday, Ricciardo believes that the strategy helped Red Bull overtake the Williams drivers yesterday in the race. Ricciardo stated the following:-

‘There’s not much to say about the start, except that I feel it was my fault today. However, we had good pace and, although the Williams were strong, we used very good strategy to get ahead of them and that paid off. It seemed the longer the stint went on, the more pace we had and I’m really happy with third. I think the Mercedes were a bit out of reach, so third is the best we could get today.’

Even though Ricciardo once again had an appalling start yesterday, he believes that he is at fault for that. But it is clear that the strategy that Red Bull given him during the race paid off and they was able to take the challenge to the Williams drivers and beat them. But Ricciardo did a superb job to finish third and it was the best result he could have achieved after the two Mercedes drivers in the race yesterday.

With Williams the fastest car through the speed trap, Ricciardo further on his interview says that he found it difficult to shake Massa in the final stages, especially on the long back straight leading down to Turn 12, and admits that Massa gave him no quarter until the chequered flag. Ricciardo added the following:-

‘Felipe was coming, and coming on strong, at the end. He came back stronger than I expected – I don’t know if he had DRS, but I was driving to the limit down the straights so he couldn’t get too much into my tow. I think we had him covered pretty comfortably at the end, but he had good pace and kept me honest to the last lap.’

From what Ricciardo has said, he believes that Massa was getting stronger in the latter stages of the race and had to defend pretty hard in order to keep him behind him on the track. But Ricciardo knows that if he would have given Massa a chance, he would have taken it as Massa had good pace during the latter stages of the race.

But overall, Ricciardo once again did a brilliant job this weekend to achieve a podium in Austin yesterday. Despite having a terrible start, he battled with way through the field and was helped by his strategy to overtake and beat the Williams drivers. Can Ricciardo keep up his form and challenge once again for a podium in Brazil this weekend? Ricciardo will be doing his utmost best to ensure that this is the case once again.

Ricciardo: I want a podium this weekend


Yesterday in an interview with the media, Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo is hoping for some good clean battles with Williams on Sunday as he looks to finish second best behind Mercedes.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are expected to fight it out for the first two places at the Circuit of the Americas on race day, leaving the rest to scrap over the final podium position.

It is advantage Williams at the moment as the Grove squad locked out the second row of the grid with Valtteri Bottas third and Felipe Massa fourth. Ricciardo who was fifth fastest, was just 0.039s off Massa’s time though, and in his interview yesterday, he is feels Red Bull can challenge for the final podium spot. Ricciardo stated the following:-

‘I’m pretty happy with the top five, realistically we’re fighting for the last spot on the podium, if Mercedes have a clean race, and we’ve put ourselves in a good position for that.

‘We were close to Felipe, but hopefully the clean side of the grid will help me out a bit, so we’ll see what happens. I’d say we’re better on tyres than the Williams, but their straight line speed makes that advantage disappear. Hopefully we’ll have some good clean battles on track tomorrow, the circuit certainly allows for that and provides some good opportunities, so hopefully we can have some fun!’

It would seem that Ricciardo is happy to have qualified in the top five and he believes that this gives him a good chance to battle for the top three positions within the race and I would have to agree with him on this. There is a little advantage in Ricciardo starting from the clean side of the grid which could help him gain a good start ahead of his rivals.

But Ricciardo is realistic about the challenges that the Williams drivers could pose in the race. Even though Williams have more straight line speed than he does, the fact that the Austin circuit needs the drivers to look after their tyres could work in Ricciardo’s favour.

With Ricciardo in a good position to capitalise once again if a chance comes his way, it would seem that he is looking forward to a good race today and is looking forward to the challenges that the race could bring his way. But you cannot discount Ricciardo as we have seen many times this season already battling with way through the grid and gaining a good result on track once more. And if anyone can do this, it is without a shadow of a doubt Ricciardo.